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GUEST PRESENTER: Range Rover Club of NSW

Updated: Feb 8

I presented to the Range Rover Club of NSW a few days ago - a big leap for someone who knew next to nothing about cars and 4WDing a few years ago!

RRC Sydney, Madelyn Holmes Guest Presenter

Recently, I was honoured to speak with the Range Rover Club of NSW via video link for their November monthly meeting.

The club discovered my 'Lady in a Landy' content earlier this year and reached out to ask if I'd be willing to present about my experiences.

There's no denying I was nervous, but hopefully I shared some interesting snippets between my personal backstory, travels and learnings throughout 4WD ownership.

As a passion stemmed from my interest in landscape photography, I've consciously used these skills to document my Land Rover related adventures of the past few years.

From learning the principles of 4WDing, to gaining basic mechanical skills and now undertaking a Series III project with limited resources - the journey has been undeniably interesting.

It's a story underpinned by the refusal of a seller to let me buy - in fact, even let me enquire about buying - a vintage vehicle because I was a woman, along with plenty of other curious conversations...

On the upside, these interactions have certainly been outweighed by the warmth and encouragement of the broader Land Rover community now.

And although it's not far from roadworthy, I don't know that I'll consider the Series III project finished for a while yet.

There's been lots of knowledge gained, lessons learned and things I'd consider if I was to start it all over again.

If you'd like to hear more, I'll also be heading down to Brisbane to present at the Land Rover Owners Club of Brisbane for their December monthly meeting.

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