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About Me


Hi! I’m Madelyn, the Lady in a Landy - I'm a photographer and graphic designer with a love of adventure based out of Central Queensland, Australia. So, why the name?

Through my business I've gathered a reputation for the adventures in my car alongside my photography, so I figure they warranted a place of their own. And well, anyone who meets me still assumes the car belongs to my partner/brother/father etc... - hence the lady to clear up any confusion. ;)


My work has been featured by ABC Australia, Queensland Tourism, DriveTribe, Maxxis Tyres Australia and many more organisations. I've also photographed on behalf of Explore Rockhampton, Government House Queensland and would love to have you along for the adventures too!

Lady in a Landy | Madelyn Holmes Photographics
Lady in a Landy | Madelyn Holmes Photographics
Lady in a Landy | Madelyn Holmes Photographics


As a teenager, my father tried unsuccessfully to spark my interest in learning basic mechanical and electrical skills. It took until my early 20's when I bought a Suzuki Jimny to see the fun of modifying cars and, more often than not, fixing the mechanical issues that arose.


By then I had well and truly caught the 4WD bug, but quickly outgrew the limitations of the Jimny. My dream was always to buy a short wheel base Land Rover - on regular trips across town, there was a Defender 90 that could be seen in the driveway of a quaint Queenslander home and I would deliberately detour past just to admire it.


After a bout of mechanical issues with the Jimny, I started re-reading sales listings - when lo and behold, there was the exact Defender 90 I had admired up for grabs... and the rest is history. I've since spent countless hours modifying, travelled over 60,000km and turned it into my dream off-roader (but they're never really finished, are they?).

As of 2022, I've also acquired a Land Rover 88" Series III to restore and will be sharing more on its progress soon.


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