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Roving Australian photographer in a
Defender 90 + Series 3 88"

For the love of adventure





My name is Madelyn, I'm the Lady in a Landy - more specifically my pride and joy Defender 90 (and recently a Series III 88"). Combining my love of photography with a love of adventure, I bought my dream short wheel base Land Rover a few years ago and I've been tinkering, modifying and planning the next trip ever since.

Having gathered a lot of interest in my travels and 4WD modifications, I've finally created a page to document everything adventure-related and offer nature prints for sale. If you're a lover of the outdoors too, please say hi and follow along - I'll be sharing my 4X4, SCUBA diving, camping and aerial photography wherever I can!

Lady in a Landy | Madelyn Holmes Photographics
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