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Meet my ride - 2012 Defender 90

I used to drive past the house where this car lived and think how I wanted to own a Land Rover Defender 90 one day. Then the night before I was leaving on a week long 4WD trip to K'gari Fraser Island, I had mechanical issues with my Suzuki Jimny - luckily I was able to borrow another car, but on the drive down I started scrolling through Carsales. Lo and behold, there was the exact Landy I had admired listed for sale... and the rest is history.

It can be noisy, rough and has its share of mechanical quirks (cue the oil slick jokes) - but every time I get in the Landy you'll see this girl grinning from ear to ear behind the wheel. The Defender has been both my daily driver and weekend adventurer over the last four years, taking me across most of Central Queensland's 4x4 tracks and further afield totalling over 60,000km.

As the last model of an iconic era, it turns plenty of heads on the road and then keeps that attention with its off-road abilities whether it be rock crawling, mud or beach driving. If I'm not behind the wheel, I'm usually tinkering with it - having made a substantial number of upgrades to improve the (already impressive) off-road capability and touring potential of this vehicle. It's now been to Cape York, Outback Queensland, Moreton Island and will continue exploring as much of our beautiful country as possible.

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