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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

We're just about to leave on our big Cape York adventure in my 2012 Defender 90 - let's hope the months of preparations pay off!

Currently it's full steam ahead here as I pack my bags ready to leave Central Queensland for the tropics, with plans to explore all the most iconic 4x4 tracks north of Cairns.

The last couple of months has included lots of preventative maintenance, reorganising of camping equipment and planning meals to make the trip as seamless as possible.

Space is at a premium in a Defender 90 so all our cargo has been carefully considered - we'll skip out on a few luxuries like a water heater and shower tent, but that's all part of the fun.

Just before departing I'll also do a service and thorough mechanical check over the car including checking tyre pressures, wheel bearings, hoses, fastenings, oil and fluid levels.

I'll check in again with more photos, reviews and stories once we get home - but in the meantime please follow along on Instagram for live updates!

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