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I was very honoured to not only meet Steph and Leigh from @grizzlynbearoverland but also show them a tiny bit of my local area in Central Queensland recently.

See the full episode that I'm featured in HERE.

If you haven't heard of them (but you should have!), their Defender and Four Wheel Camper has taken them from France to Australia over the past 5 years while they've been overlanding full time.

It was an absolute privilege to have them take time out of their travels to meet with me, and Leigh was even kind enough to swap cars briefly so I could drive their beautiful Bear - my first time in a left hand drive vehicle.

Somehow my car's odometer is still higher than theirs, despite Bear having taken them across 36 countries - hard to believe really!

Thank you for visiting the little slice of Queensland I call home, I'm so honoured I got to show you a few of its hidden gems.

You can see more of Steph and Leigh's travels on their YouTube channel or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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